Musique moléculaire (Molecular Music)

2001, high dilution of sunflower ATP6 protein

"Proteins consist of a set of amino acids, each emitting a quantum wave called by Joel Sternheimer" scale wave ". The twenty existing amino acids all having a particular "vibration", we thus obtain a true partition played on a molecular scale whose frequencies can be transposed into musical notes. The melody thus obtained stimulates the synthesis of this same protein when the music is played to the organism from which it is derived, thus developing the effect of this molecule on it.
During his research, Joël Sternheimer also noticed that the harmony of these protein musics could sometimes cross the human repertoire. This is notably the case of The Song of Apples (a very popular Japanese song of the post-war period), Love Me Tender or 0 Sole Mio. The title track of this napoletanea composed by Di Capua and sung by Tino Rossi, Dalida, Mario Lanza and Pavarrotti among others, corresponds to the music of the sunflower protein ATP 6, which is responsible for the production of ATP and therefore has a fundamental role in the photosynthesis of this plant.
With a view to reciprocating this discovery, the project consists of drinking popular music at the molecular level in the form of a highly diluted protein solution. "
Laurent Duthion 2001

View during Symétrie de dilatation, Galerie du Dourven

production : La Galerie du Dourven directed by Didier Lamandé
exhibitions : Symétrie de dilatation - 2001, Ondes et partition - 2002, Surexposition - 2007

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