Approximation sagittaire (Sagittarius Approximation)

2017, rum, rasberry syrup, lime, mint, water, alginate, calcium lactate and tasting sessions.

At about 400 light years from the center of the Milky Way lies Sagittarius B2, a giant molecular cloud containing a large number of organic molecules including a significant amount of ethyl formate, a fragrant molecule found in raspberry and rum. Directly in relation to this galactic feature, the project developed with the IUT of Chemistry Rennes 1 consisted in taking up this spatial odor by giving it the arbitrary form of a pink ravioli half-gel half liquid and perfectly edible. The raviolis were eaten during two tasting sessions.
The title can be taken literally but also in the sense of a rapprochement by shared molecule, incorporable here, floating and inaccessible there.

Diapason, Beaulieu Campus, Rennes

Diapason, Beaulieu campus, Rennes (photo: Guillaume)

"spheres" preparation

production : IUT Rennes
exhibitions : -hexakis, European Night of Museums - 2017

collaboration : IUT Chemistry Rennes
see also: Molecular music

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© Laurent Duthion 2017, photo: Laurent Duthion 2017 unless otherwise stated