Je suis quantique par nature (I am Quantum by Nature)

2017, demonstation, 24K gold leaves on kraft paperboard

Demonstration whose slogans relating to quantum physics and its revolutionary character are written in pure gold leaf on kraft paperboard. Done on the 18th May in Rennes on a distance of 6.5km joining the campus of the Rennes 1 University to FRAC Brittany, it gathered a hundred students and 45 signs. There were then exposed to the FRAC. The use of gold directly refers to the Rutherford experiment of 1909 on the lacunary nature of matter, namely that atoms consist of 99.99% vacuum.

Pancarte en carton de récupération doré à l'or fin.

6.5km demonstration through Rennes.

Arriving at FRAC Bretagne

The paperboards in FRAC Bretagne

production : IUT Rennes
exhibitions : -hexakis, Nuit européenne des musées 2017

collaboration : students of Carrières sociales IUT Rennes, Philippe Dorval

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© Laurent Duthion 2017, photo: Laurent Duthion unless otherwise stated