Transsubstantiation etc.

2010-2012, book, 100 ex.

This book is a science-fiction transposition of the New Testament in which Jesus becomes Rubbi Niebieski, brilliant lecturer with telekinetic abilities. He goes through
territories of Zones driving his Sixwheeler heading inexorably towards the city of Estero. The book object itself has also undergone an astonishing formal transformation
from a perspective view. The book was published in 2012 in this specified format.

Two copies of Transubstantiation etc. side by side on a flat surface

Handling of the book

production : Art Norac, Biennale de Rennes curated by Raphaële Jeune, Invu éditions, La Criée éditions
exhibitions : Ce qui vient, l'Avant-garde est elle (toujours) bretonne
collections : FRAC Bretagne, CNEAI...
see also: Parpaing-fils, Protection

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