Parpaing-fils (literally Breezeblock-son)

2017, concrete block, about 50cm long

Parpaing-fils is a fiber concrete block tilted at 37 ° and presenting therefore an angle with the ground of 127 °. This angle is the same of the position of the wallowed teenager relieving his body of 60% of his weight, it is also the position «zero gravity» calculated by NASA for the astronaut seats and the seats of the Air France class 127, the business class. One of the interest is to make a relationship between the wall and the ground that is not based on a principle of opposition. A first test wall must be completed in 2018.

Two Parpaing-fils

Rough Parpaing-fils and an half one

production : IUT de Rennes, Départements Génie mécanique-productique et Génie civil IUT Rennes
exhibition : -hexakis, European Night of Museums 2017

collection : private collections

collaboration : départements Génie mécanique-productique et Génie civil de l'IUT de Rennes
see also: Protection

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© Laurent Duthion 2017, photo: Laurent Duthion 2017