Le repas du renard volant (The Flying Fox's Meal)

2018, culinary circumstance, about 800 nibbles and juices for 150 people

The Flying Fox's Meal is a culinary event directly inspired by the diet of the Pteropus vampyrus, known as the largest living bat with a wingspan of 1.70m and a weight of 1.5kg. Due to its size and aesthetics, the animal has been associated with the blood-sucking count, yet it does not share any food habits. This bat from Malaysia feeds exclusively on fruits, flowers and their nectar, and insects are only the collateral victims of this diet. The Flying Fox's Meal using only these ingredients was held in the XVIIth gallery of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, on April 4, 2018. About 150 guests completed the work.
A dietetic of the giant bat applied to humans.

Chiaroscuro was a part of this culinary circumstance. Laurent Duthion's speech (photo: Alma Oskouei)

(photo : Alma Oskouei)

(photo: Alma Oskouei)

detail of a nibble

detail of a "nibble"

(photo : Alma Oskouei)

production : Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rennes
exposition : Sculpter

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collaboration : Alma Oskouei, Estelle K. Nerestan

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© Laurent Duthion 2018, photo: Laurent Duthion unless otherwise stated