Xylocus (portable version)

2005, olivier vivant et modifié en pot, environ 2,50m de haut

The branches of a living olive tree were directly modified and carved from the tree to be transformed into usual objects such as spoon, pencils, clothes pegs, knives,
paint brushes...
The pruning technique was developed with an tree engineer.

Exhibition le Sud du Sud, Le Village, 2005

Exhibition Ulysses, l'autre mer, FRAC Bretagne, 2013

In the garden of Hôtel de Blossac, Rennes, 2015 (photo: Morgane Estève)

production : Le Village directed by David Chevrier
exhibitions : Le Sud du Sud - 2005, Etats moléculaires, Ulysses, l'autre mer - 2013, La science à l'oeuvre...

collection : FRAC Bretagne

collaboration : ONF
see also : Paradajz

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