1er Transcepteur (1st Transceiver)

2011, polyurethane resin, graphite, nylon, 50cm long

Olfactory and musical mask veiling the view and with a small Irish flute inside the nose. It’s a functional prototype made of polyurethane, graphite and nylon.. During the opening of the exhibition The Invention of Reality, it was used by a musician to play part of a composition of Lully at the origin of "God save the king".

View in the exhibition Emergente image et autres épiphanies

Performance during the opening in Château d'Oiron (images : Hélène Jevaud)

production : L'Atelier de la Gare
exhibitions : Emergente image et autres épiphanies, Une mouche dans la tête, L'invention de la réalité

collaboration : Stéphane Pelletier (musician)
see also: Solipse

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