2013, polyurethan resin and graphite

The term "occurrence" is to be taken in the sense of a recurring presence, that of a blind olfactory mask but always transformed. Occurrence 1 is zoomorphic in appearance, which may be reminiscent of a bird or a curculionid. Occurrence 3 is distinguished by two divergent rostrums to test a hypothetical stereoscopic dimension of smell. The nasal protuberance of Occurrence 4 takes a particularly large shape, quite close to that of a radar antenna. For another Occurrence, the length of the nose exceeding the meter allows a remote use of the sense of smell.

Occurence 1

Group of Occurences in the "galerie renaissante" of Château d'Oiron

Occurence 5

Occurence 2, FDAC 35 collection

production : Château d'Oiron directed by Paul-Hervé Parsy
exhibitions : L'invention de la réalité, L'art fait ventre
, L'avant-garde est-elle - toujours - bretonne
collection : FDAC 35...
see also : Homo olfactus, The Shape of an Odor

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© Laurent Duthion 2017, photo: Laurent Duthion