Formes secondaires (Secondary Forms)

2015, 100cmx50cmx50cm tank, Astyanax mexicanus, coloring, water

Repeating the aquarium principle developed in several earlier works such than Aquarine (2008), Morphes (2013) or Aposematic trichromy (2014), Secondary Forms presents in a milky to opaque water a small group of depigmented blind fishes appearing to the spectators only when they graze the walls of the tank, emerging randomly from the misty water.

During the exhibition 4/4 Une constellation, Le Quartier, Quimper, 2015


production : Le Quartier
exhibition : 4/4 Une constellation

see also : Présence Vulturine, Aquarhine

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© Laurent Duthion 2017, photo: Laurent Duthion 2015