Drapeau de la réalité (Reality Flag)

2013,digital print on polyester, 150x225cm

Reality Flag is a flag made from data collected as part of a specific survey. Each interviewee had to choose between twelve colors the one that evoked the word "reality". The data was organized in over 300 horizontal lines following a computer protocol. Following the same principle, an Image Flag and an Invention Flag were made. The flag is here installed in the park of the Château d'Oiron on a mast of 9m.

Reality Flag in front of the Château d'Oiron (photo : Benoît Mauras, 2013)

Reality Flag (photo : Benoît Mauras, 2013)

Reality Flag (digital proof)

Invention Flag (digital proof)

Image Flag (digital proof)

Image Flag in the Château d'Oiron.

production : Château d'Oiron directed by Paul-Hervé Parsy
exhibition : L'invention de la réalité

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