Digestif (Digestive)

2000, acrylic, microbeads on canvas, variable dimensions

In the early 1970s, research was conducted to better understand the influence of colors on the human psyche. Deviating from the initial project, one of the studies highlighted the role of a certain range of orange in the digestion of the viewer. In 2000 and 2001, Laurent Duthion made three monochromes in this color range by casually covering them with retro-reflective glass microbeads in order to give them a luminous intensity required for an optimal effect on the spectator. These three paintings are of different sizes but all have a ratio of 16/9.

production : Galerie du Dourven directed by Didier Lamandé
exhibitions : Economie de Pesanteur, Symétrie de Dilatation, 3 en 1
collections privées

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© Laurent Duthion 2017, crédit photo: Laurent Duthion 2002