2008, modified bike and 16mm Bolex camera

A 16 mm Bolex camera was mounted on a snow bike so that its operation depends on the rotation of the front wheel of the vehicle, thus causing differences in film exposure and slow motion depending on the speed of the bike. Several films of a few minutes were made during a solo raid on the Arctic ice at the end of the polar night in February 2008.

During the exhibition Coefficients de réalités, La Criée art center, 2008

Bolex-mobile on the iceshelf of a Svalbard fjord during the raid

production : la Criée art center directed by Larys Frogier, IPEV
exhibitions : Coefficients de réalités,
Free ride art space (Lille, Warclaw, Milano)
collection : Fondation oxylane

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© Laurent Duthion 2017, photo: Laurent Duthion