Balle d'ovipare (Oviparous Ball)

1999, silicon elastomer, pigments and eggshell

Produced between 1999 and 2001Oviparous Balls are resulting from the molding of silicone elastomer in birds eggshells. The resulting projectiles have a genetically defined form depending on the animal species and the individual from which the shell is derived. The slight deformations related to the constraints of the laying also bring a secondary variation contributing to make each single ball. Eggs from different hens, quails, turkeys, geese, guinea fowl, pigeons, chickens, emus or ostriches were used for this project. Oviparous balls were sold only in their shells.
In 1999, during a residency at La Grancia art center in Serre di Rapolano, Tuscany, as part of Woolways, Samon Takahashi conducted a series of tests on the first balls, highlighting the very random nature of their trajectories either by rebounds or rolls, conferring in a certain way a semblance of life.

Oviparous Ball partially demolded

Example of trajectory of an Oviparous ball recorded by Samon Takahashi

production : Le Bon Accueil
exhibitions : Économie de Pesanteur, La Vitrina di Venere, Animagus
collaboration : Samon Takahashi (study of balls trajectories)
see also : Présence Vulturine

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